CSA information

What is a CSA?
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) provides you with access to local, sustainable and seasonal produce through a direct partnership between the farmer and CSA members. Your support at the beginning of the season allows me to invest in the supplies and materials that will help ensure a successful and bountiful harvest to fill our boxes with beautiful produce. My goal is to bring nutritious, delicious, and specialty produce to the local market using organic and sustainable methods. Farming can be unpredictable (weather, pests, etc.) and as a CSA member you share the risk with me (Thank You!!!) as well as the bounty. This will be my 7th season, so for sample pictures of what past boxes have looked like and more information, please view the other pages of this site.  Thanks for your interest!


VEGETABLE SHARE picked up on farm:

11 weeks of 3/4 bushel box (6-10 different items) fresh vegetables, opportunities for on farm educational activities and parties, and access to our pick your own fields including fresh herbs and flowers  and of course lots of pumpkins

$333 for 11 weeks


11 weeks of 3/4 bushel box fresh vegetables, opportunities for on farm educational activities and parties, and access to our pick your own fields including fresh herbs and flowers and of course lots of pumpkins
$399 for 11 weeks  

PICK YOUR OWN vegetable share:

This is the best value. I have long pushed people out to play in the dirt filled fields, so a pick-your-own vegetable membership is offered at a cost of $333 for approximately 999 lbs of vegetables throughout the season, roughly end of June through October. Be creative with this.  Interested in preserves?  Have a root cellar? Let me know what you want and I will plant accordingly.   Must schedule an appointment to meet with a farmer to learn the rules of the field and talk about the schedule your prefer for field visits sometime in early June. Really flexible and great option to get your whole family involved.  I love meeting my members extended family when they bring the whole crew to the fields. This option really does wonders to create a sense of community for me, and I love it. And for you pumpkin lovers out there, think of it this way, my largest pumpkins weigh up to 80 pounds

June through October: $333



You receive $11 worth of product for each $10 paid in before May 31, 2016. I will keep a register in the shed early season next to the certified scale with pricing, and once retail is open I will have all of that in the field to track usage. We can make an appointment for your first visit so that you know the layout of the land. Additional retail opportunities such as market visits or special events will be focused very local, and will be advertised, and you can use your  bucks there too. Any amount will be accepted.  No online payment option for this, must send check.

Pickup & Delivery Schedule

I like to be flexible and coordinate pickup and deliveries in time with customer needs based on a planned schedule. We pick a day that works for both of us, and you get your goods on that day. Going on vacation? We skip that week. Timing of delivery of boxes will vary by client preference, and weather conditions. If I need to plant more carrots after harvest I may stay in the field until sundown, and then run my deliveries.  Contents of boxes will vary by timing in season and be customized to preferences when feasible. I encourage notes telling me what you want to see the most of in your boxes.  & feedback is always welcome.

For on Farm Pick Up, boxes are ready by 2 pm. In home deliveries vary from 2-10 pm weekdays.

Want to sign up?  

To reserve your spot, drop me a note with your intention to become a member and which type of share and payment plan you desire. Please provide me with your email address as well so I can include you in important communications.  I am not great at newsletters, but do post plenty of recipes on my facebook page.  I also will send out an email in the beginning with direction to sites of other farms that have incredible veggie indexes to assist you in your meal planning. If you want to know more of my story to get connection, I am happy to share in person.  Just plan and schedule a visit.

Pampered Pumpkin 4375 Carver County Road Ten North, Watertown, MN 55388

Please feel free to ask specific questions via email or by phone. I am not super fast on the reply these days, so please have patience. I’ll update this page when I sell out of any of the products.

I fill up at 15 delivery shares, but will have up to 100 shares for on farm pickup and pick your own memberships. I’ll keep this site updated when delivery shares are filled.

Thanks so much for your interest and continued support. Looking forward to a great season with renewed energy for my mission.





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